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Century, A Hundred Blog Posts!

Why do numbers ending with zero, that are multiples 10 and 100  seem more significant than numbers ending with digits from 1 to 9? Was it the same for Romans who did not have a decimal system? I have no idea, if you know the answer you can tell me.

Drum roll,  please.  I bring you my 100th post, my first century.  A significant milestone for my little blog.  I have written about economics, politics, done movie reviews and travelogues and even some recipes. Cats or Kittehs as they are more fondly known on the internet are my mews, so they have featured in many of my posts on serious topics as well.  I was looking at the summary  statistics of this blog and it would probably come as no surprise to anyone that 4 of the 5 posts with most hits featured lolcats.  All the  lols, that is photos with captions, with or without cats are my own.  I made most of them on I Can Has a Cheezburger, under my ICHC handle, two_kittehs.  In case you missed them the first time around, here are the top 5 posts.

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A Tribute to Tunch Kitteh of Balloon Juice

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Robert Samuelson wants to Repeal the Internet

President Kitteh Cannot Satisfy Everyone

Not the company named after a fruit


LoL by: two_kittehs (Picture by: Jennifer Clausen)