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Writer Kitteh Is Back

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Last year was an eventful one for me personally and also for the world. We moved again, this time to a home of our own, I became a citizen of the country that has been my home for over two decades. Meanwhile the United States and India seem to have lost its collective mind and soul.

I have realized that we must keep speaking the truth as we see it, because those who want to destroy liberty, first try to obscure the truth and muddy it. This includes scientific truth. Power and money are no match for it in the long run. We know Galileo and Einstein by name while their detractors languish in relative obscurity.

There is so much to say that I haven’t said yet, where should I start?

ETA: Blogger kitteh made it to the FP of ICHC/lolcats.

POSTPONED to Sunday: Weekend Movie Club

Sorry for the last-minute notice, but I’ve been sick the last couple of days, so the Weekend Movie Club post for His Girl Friday won’t be up until Sunday morning. See you all then!

Round Up Of 2015 and A Happy New Year

Happy New Year

By two_kittehs

Looking at my archives from last year I realize that I blogged about India a lot more than I had done in the previous years. My interest in India’s colonial history and the period preceding that was piqued by Shashi Tharoor’s spirited case for reparations from Britain. That initial spark led to my renewed interest in Hindi movies and music from India as well.

I have also been following the latest political news from India a lot more closely than before, especially since  Mr. Modi became its Prime Minister. Realizing with growing alarm that he and his bhakts (devotees) are trying to change the very idea of India, I watch the changes with dread and disgust from afar. Sectarian tensions have always been present under the surface in India but the venom the bhakts feel free to spew publicly against those who disagree them is new.

As for domestic politics here in these United States, the less said about it the better. I am paying close attention to the primary races of both parties but don’t have much to add at this point. That might change when the primary ballots are actually cast.

I have been thinking about the direction of the blog for the new year.  I have been wondering whether doing ongoing series and/or features and posting on a regular schedule would be better than what I have been doing so far. I don’t want to kill all spontaneity but I also think that some structure might actually be helpful. Regular features could include movie and TV reviews, recipes, roundup of Punditubbies etc.

Thanks for reading, commenting and following this blog.If you have any suggestions for me I want to hear them.  Much love, from my kittehs and me. Happy New Year!

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Post that got the most clicks : Special thanks to Anne Laurie of Balloon Juice for highlighting this post.

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Century, A Hundred Blog Posts!

Why do numbers ending with zero, that are multiples 10 and 100  seem more significant than numbers ending with digits from 1 to 9? Was it the same for Romans who did not have a decimal system? I have no idea, if you know the answer you can tell me.

Drum roll,  please.  I bring you my 100th post, my first century.  A significant milestone for my little blog.  I have written about economics, politics, done movie reviews and travelogues and even some recipes. Cats or Kittehs as they are more fondly known on the internet are my mews, so they have featured in many of my posts on serious topics as well.  I was looking at the summary  statistics of this blog and it would probably come as no surprise to anyone that 4 of the 5 posts with most hits featured lolcats.  All the  lols, that is photos with captions, with or without cats are my own.  I made most of them on I Can Has a Cheezburger, under my ICHC handle, two_kittehs.  In case you missed them the first time around, here are the top 5 posts.

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LoL by: two_kittehs (Picture by: Jennifer Clausen)

First Post

Hello world and welcome to my blog.