The Anchor Baby Myth

According to the Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and the rest of the spineless Republicans running for the nomination who cannot or will not challenge Trump, non-citizens have children to secure a foot hold in the United States. The party of family values thinks that people who are not them have children for diabolical reasons.

Having children to get a leg up in the immigration process makes zero sense, since the said child cannot sponsor his or her parents for permanent residency until they are at least 21 years old and can show that they can support their parents financially. Since that’s not something most 21 year olds are capable of, presumably the wait will be longer for most parents than the 21 years, to successfully use their child as a pawn in their own immigration process.  The so called anchor baby is not particularly useful means for parents to attain the permanent resident status.

Having citizen children is no guarantee against deportation either. In 2013, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement  deported more than 72000 individuals who said that they had one or more citizen children. Washington Post’s Janell Ross has more on  this issue, if you are interested.

Mawm, the man with the funny hair called me names

By two_kittehs

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