Sailing to Philadelphia II–To the Market

On the second day of my trip we (husband and I) decided to go see the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, both a few blocks away from the hotel. Before heading to the place where the United States was born, we decided to grab a bite at the Reading Terminal Market.   The Reading Terminal Market (RTM) reminded me a lot of The Eastern Market near Capitol Hill in DC. The Eastern Market was one of my favorite places hangout when we lived in the area.  It was also a stop on my DC  tour for any out of town visitors.  The crab cakes and the home made root beer  at Market Lunch alone make the visit worthwhile.  The hustle bustle and  the energy of these older market places is infectious.  RTM was crowded that Saturday, lots of tourists, couples and families with small children, just hanging out, enjoying  a leisurely morning, shopping and eating.

Speaking of food, there were many food choices, almost too many to choose from.   We took a brisk tour of the place, and had a  brunch at Beck’s Cajun Café.  I wanted to spend some more time at the market, so we planned to return at the end of the day.  After our trip to the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.  On our second visit to the market that day, we got some homemade cheese and cured meats from at the Hatville Deli, one of the many Pennsylvania Dutch  shops at the Market. We also picked up some bread, cookies and  grainy mustard at the market, to eat later on the train ride back home.  We also stopped by a the Tubby Olive, you can sample the olive oil here, a bit like wine tasting but not as much fun.  We wanted eat a  sandwich at  DiNic’s , but it was too crowded and I was tired from walking all day.  Both its roast pork and roast beef sandwiches are famous and had come highly recommended by friends who had been to Philly. Definitely, something to do on my next trip.  Coming up next, the highlight of the tour, a visit to the place where the US was birthed.

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