Five Questions

Questions that have been on my mind in no particular order.

  • What can Trump do to lose his first place position in the polls for Republican Presidential hopefuls?
  • Are “anti-establishment voters” of this election cycle,  the new tea-partiers?
  • Einstein’s theory of General Relativity celebrates a century and gets all the press while Maxwell’s seminal theory of electromagnetism celebrates 150 years, and barely gets a mention, why no love for Maxwell?
  • WTF does curating a wardrobe (a term favored by fashion and style bloggers) mean? You have clothes, you wear them. Unless you work in a museum you are not curating anything.
  • Best score of the year, Bajirao Mastani or Katyar Kaljat Ghusli?


By two_kittehs

Do you have any burning questions of your own? Answers to my questions? I would like to hear them, Kthnx bai.

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  1. Come out in favor of higher taxes and confess he is actually Jewish
    Yes, but maybe more effective
    Because Einstein is synonymous with genius & Maxwell with a silver hammer, a failure of education in the US
    Given its age, I curate my wardrobe as you would expect
    Best score of the year, 4-3 in OT

    My question is, how far beneath the barrel will the GOP scrape before it can’t go any lower?

  2. Einstein gets the love because of the poster of him with all the frizzy white hair that used to hang in many dorm rooms. My cat is watching as I type this to make sure I get it right.

  3. My wardrobe is mostly jeans and tees, so the curating is easy peasy. Or shorts and tees when it’s as warm as this.

    For dress up, a nice shirt, sports coat, and jeans, with loafers instead of sandals or sneakers. Works all over the world.

    Don’t know about Trump, confessing he will raise taxes and had an affair with someone… Hillary? Or Beyonce… there. that’ll do it.

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