Weekend Movie Club Poll: A Little Cary Grant


We can all use an escape after the events of November, can’t we? So let’s escape all the way into one of these classic Cary Grant movies. Vote on the one you’d like me to write about for discussion next week. As always, I’m giving you the opportunity to vote early and vote often!

Note: for some reason, the original trailer for two of the films isn’t available on YouTube, but I picked the clip that either the home video company has decided is the “new” trailer or a short clip that I think gives a good idea of what the film is like.

Also, I will have a special non-voting Christmas edition of the Insufferable Movie Snob right before the holiday, so stay tuned for that as well.

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  1. Well I voted for Holiday but I really wanted Bringing up Baby. I know it’s silly and superficial but that’s about all I feel like watching these days.

  2. Trouble is, I love them all! And Bringing Up Baby, which the rest of you flagged 😄

  3. philadelphia story ?

    • And this is where I live up to my reputation as a movie snob: I don’t actually like “The Philadelphia Story.” I find the whole subplot where Tracy’s father blames her for his infidelity to be super creepy. But it does have that great love triangle and a classic 1940s sarcastic kid sister in its favor.

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